"Can’t you see? Can’t you understand? I have been waiting for so long! ”
"You will have sons! WE will have sons!"

Anne Boleyn in every scene ever

the secret history meme:  [2/3] relationships

↳ Richard Papen & Henry Winter

I looked at him. There was so much I wanted to ask him, so much I wanted to say; but somehow I knew there wasn’t time and even if there was, that it was all, somehow, beside the point. 

"Are you happy here?" I said at last. 

He considered this for a moment. “Not particularly,” he said. “But you’re not happy where you are, either.”

do you know if Elizabeth was descended from anyone of note?
— Anonymous


I’m assuming you’re talking about Elizabeth Woodville? Her father’s side can only be traced back three generations, so probably no descent of note there due to the lack of records.

As to her mother however, there are a few…

I’m not listing absolutely everyone of note but yeah, she’s not a “commoner” in the true sense of the word as everyone likes to label her

The further back you go, the more you find because of the whole multiplication thing, so I’m putting this under the cut:

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Every kid dreams of being a superhero. Having powers, saving people. But no kid thinks about what it’s like when you’re a hero and you’re not saving people. Truth is… not much else changes, you still hurt, you still love, you still wish and hope and fear things. And you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that’s the best part.


Herbert James Draper - The Lament for Icarus (1898)

Mythology Meme: (1/9) Greek Gods/Goddesses ➝  Hermes

Parks and Recreation Alphabet → m
 ↳ making out

"He told me that he liked me and I’m gonna go make out with him now, on his face."